Saturday, August 27, 2011

Fall Cleaning has begun with email cybercleaning

Before baby K was born, I was in a fantastic routine. Daily things got done every day. Weekly things got done every week. But after having a new baby, I've had to do a whole lot of readjusting. So laundry and dishes get done mostly because they have to. The laundry lately has been done when all three laundry are overflowing and I can't find any clean clothes for M or myself buthey, it's still getting done! Weekly tasks get done when I have a few minutes to spare and enough energy to not sit on my butt watching TV while scarfing down some food.

So I decided to do a massive clean of the house before M starts preschool and rearrange my weekly schedule to take advantage of her being at school twice a week. K's morning nap does fall somewhere during the time she'll be at preschool, so I should be able to get into a routine that allows this.

BUT before all the actual house cleaning, I just did some cyber cleaning and EMPTIED out my email inbox. Ok I still have 50something emails in there, but they are things I need to keep. It always feels fantastic to have one area of my life organized. Maybe after the kids are in bed tonight, I'll work on some more organizing. Although baby K is still napping and it's 6:30. He might not go to bed at 7 like he always does.

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