Monday, September 26, 2011

Beating the Monday blues

I've figured out that Monday is my most productive day of the week. It helps me not to stress too much over the weekend. I almost always get my bathrooms cleaned and can easily throw in some laundry and other tasks as well. This rainy Monday is no different. The diapers have just finished drying, so I'll throw in a load of clothes once I'm done here. I swept and mopped the kitchen, tidied off some tables upstairs and in an attempt to find my good sewing scissors, cleaned off my desk downstairs as well. I made my bed, picked up around the house and got some phone calls done. In baby K's room, I got the movement sensor out and installed under his crib mattress.

There really is no better way to beat the Monday blues than by having a super productive day. And sometimes it helps to write out what you've done in a day in order to see just how productive you've been. Now if I could find those scissors before the kids wake up, then I could also have a diaper cover done and ready to be tested by my adorable little man. That also means that after dinner, when the kids are asleep, I can cuddle with my big man on the couch with a cup of hot chocolate and listen to the rain. Ahhh, Mondays.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Recovering from the weekend

I hate to say this but it's true. Sometimes the weekends are harder than the week. I know my husband doesn't mean for it to be that way, but it is. We have bigger breakfasts, like french toast or pancakes versus just toast or cereal. We might go out so I don't have the same time to do the stuff during the day that I normally do. Or we stay home and end up making more mess than we do cleaning it up. Most of the time, I look forward to weekends. But come Monday morning, I hate cleaning up after them. Lucky for me, Mondays tend to be my most productive day around the house.

Ok, so maybe it's not because of having K at home, and it's because he's pushing me to take some time off. I mean don't Mom's deserve to enjoy the weekend too? Sadly, Mom's never truly get a day off so as long as I can keep up with everything throughout the whole week, it isn't as bad as it might seem.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Cleaning up the sickies

Being sick is not fun at all. Being sick and taking care of an even sicker toddler and a perfectly healthy (thank goodness) newborn, is torture. A newborn doesn't understand why mommy doesn't want to get out of bed. Thankfully for the past few days, I was able to take a nap with the kids in the afternoon, and somehow manage to keep the house somewhat clean. Laundry and dishes are done (and put away, my friends) and most of the kleenexes are also put away. At least the toddler is starting to understand to use a kleenex to wipe her nose instead of her hand. And since both kids got a little bit of Tylenol before bed last night (for sore throats and sore gums), everyone slept great and we're feeling a little bit better today.

I'm crossing my fingers that another good sleep tonight has us all feeling even better so we can get back to our regular scheduled programming.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Oh crap, I did it again!

After dinner, K took M to go play in the backyard. He asked me if I wanted to go out with them and I said no. To clean the kitchen. Any why did I do that? Because I didn't want to have to do it later. So I finished the dishes, swept and mopped the kitchen floor, folded and put away the clean laundry AND tidied the kitchen and living rooms. ARGH.

A few days ago, instead of getting some sewing done, I organized the sewing room. And before taking a shower, I scrubbed it clean. I'm not really following the cleaning schedule I made a few months ago, it's hard to do that with two kids, but the cleaning is all getting done. I finally feel like I almost have a handle on everything. I just freak myself out a bit when I do this. I guess I better get used to it.

Oh and my mom will be proud!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to School

School starts tomorrow. My baby is starting preschool tomorrow. It's only for an hour but she is. What a better time of year to get back into the groove of keeping clean? I'm all ready for tomorrow. Diaper laundry is in the wash. The rest of the laundry, what feels like 50 loads, has been folded and put away. The blog is getting a new look. That's right, it is!!

Now my newest way to waste time on the internet.....hey, if I spent half as much time cleaning as I did surfing the web, my house would be immaculate...I've fallen in love with Pinterest. It's like a photo sharing website. You set up photo boards, say recipes, and then you search for whatever you want. Say Nutella Panini. When you find a picture that is mouthwatering gorgeous, linked to a website, you pin it. Then you have a board, with all your recipes saved in one place. This is fantastic for say 'girls room decor' or 'playroom organization'. Let's just say that my house is going to be gorgeous this Christmas!

So to everyone with little ones starting preschool or kindergarten. Or big kids starting high school or even college or university. Good luck tomorrow. And happy Back to School!