Friday, November 29, 2013

Time to start at the end

So in all my back and forth, I've realized that the reason why I have so much trouble keeping the house organized is because I don't know how I want it to end up.  Like I want it clean, but I don't have a designated spot for everything.  So as I go through each area and 'clean' it up, I end up having the same items in different areas of the house.

Before I can really start going through everything, I need to start with a plan.  Where do I want to store items for business one or two, where do I want art supplies, or towels, or extra blankets, etc.  I need a central SPOT for everything in the house, and once I know where everything goes, I can start clearing items out.

I guess it's time to go back to square one, by starting at the end.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Time to start Christmas

Last year I posted about our felt Christmas Tree for the playroom.  Read that post here.

Today I bought a new pack of command strips and put it up.  I can't wait for the kids to see it tomorrow, they're going to LOVE it!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Caffeine (and Starbucks) during pregnancy

In a recent discussion about the safe amount of caffeine during pregnancy, I was told to go write a blog post.  So here it is!

DISCLAIMER:  I am NOT a doctor.  Do not take anything written in this post as medical advice, it is simply information.  I do NOT work for Starbucks, though I was an Assistant Store Manager from 2006-2012.  I am NOT being paid by Starbucks or any other organization.  I am NOT promoting caffeine consumption during pregnancy, I am simply providing the information and knowledge that I have about safe amounts and caffeine contents.  ALWAYS consult your doctor or midwife if you have any concerns about safe amounts of caffeine during pregnancy.

In 2006, I was hired as an Assistant Store Manager at Starbucks Coffee Canada.  A few months later, my Store Manager became pregnant.  She loved Americanos and would order them either half caf, or full strength.  The baristas (myself included), not aware of safe amounts of caffeine during pregnancy, would make her drink decaf.  She always argued with us, but we didn't believe her.

A few months after she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, I became pregnant, and since I worked at Starbucks, I did some research.  Here is what I found (links will be added when I have time)

MOST websites (NOT DOCTORS) recommend consuming not more than 200-300milligrams (mg) of caffeine per day during pregnancy.  I followed (and for the purpose of the math in this post, will follow) the 300mg/day recommendation.

So if you are pregnant, or know someone who is, and follow this same recommendation, here is what you can order at Starbucks!

Each one oz of coffee has 20mg of caffeine

One TALL (12oz) brewed coffee contains ~240mg of caffeine
One GRANDE (16oz) brewed coffee contains ~320mg of caffeine
One VENTI (20oz) brewed coffee contains ~400mg of caffeine

If you drink brewed coffee, stick with a tall or grande/day.

Now onto more exciting things-ESPRESSO DRINKS!

One shot of espresso contains 75mg

This is easy math!

A short or tall beverage has one shot of espresso (75mg), grande and venti have two (150mg).  So, you could have 4 shots of espresso/day!  WAHOO!

Not comfortable consuming that much?

Order your grande or venti with only one shot!  You can do that?  Of course you can!  You could also order your drink half-caf (the espresso machine will mix decaf and regular espresso beans to make your shots) or decaf!

That's right, my pregnant friends, you can have a DECAF gingerbread latte this holiday season!  Or need a little bit of a kick, order it half caf!

Know what else is neat?  You can ALSO DO THAT WITH FRAPPUCCINOS!  Yup-half calf or decaf!

Is your drink too sweet now that you're pregnant?  Order it with half of the regular amount of syrup.  Or one pump less.  Work with your barista to make the perfect drink for you!

Don't want to be THAT customer?  Trust me, it isn't any harder to make the drink, plus you get exactly what you want!

Now onto tea!  It isn't AS interesting, but still good to know.  Caffeinated tea has between 30-100mg/cup depending on the type of tea you order.  Green tea has less, and black tea has more.Starbucks Nutritional Information found here.