Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My newest Norwex favorites

Ok, so I know I talk about Norwex a little bit.  Ok maybe a LOT, but I really love it!  And no, I don't sell it.

This past January, I hosted a Norwex party and got a TON of free stuff.  January is the Hostess Free Mop month, and yes, I got enough sales and got my free mop!  But the mop isn't what I want to talk about.

Along with the free Antibac Cloth, and window cloth, and lint mitt, and hand cream, I got a few fantastic items.  The Optic Cloth is amazing.  I used it a few days ago to clean my glasses and OMG it was like seeing the house with new eyes.  Like seriously clean.  And I've been wearing glasses for almost 25 years!  I did the same yesterday with my sunglasses and was SO impressed.  I got one for my hubs for Christmas since he always used our window cloth and I could never find it.  Great stocking stuffer and now he has his own cloth for his glasses.  Well when I needed a few more dollars to get the free mop, I added the Optic Cloth so I could have one of my own and I'm SO glad I did.  AMAZING!

I also got the dust mitt.  Makes dusting SO easy.  AND I got the kids package, that comes with a kid-sized antibac cloth, window cloth and dust mitt.  M LOVES cleaning the windows with her own cloths, and dusting.  In fact, sometimes she'll make fingerprints all over the windows just so she can clean them up.  I don't mind, since she's cleaning them!

One item I've been very skeptical of is the cleaning paste.  I've heard great things about it, but I found that baking soda worked so well that I didn't want to invest in that.  BUT when I had free money to spend, I decided to give it a try and OH.MY.GOODNESS!  So I won a bath mitt at the party, and whipped out the paste to clean the shower last week.  AMAZING!  When I would have to clean the shower again about 5 days later after cleaning with baking soda, I don't have to do it yet with the paste. And the mitt makes it so easy.  Norwex was genius when they decided to make the cloths in a mitt form.

Keep an eye out for a review of the Norwex mop, and maybe a Norwex giveaway!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Let's Talk!

February 12th is 'Let's Talk' Day with Bell.

For every:
  • 1
    Text message sent*
  • 2
    Long distance call made*
  • 4
    Facebook share of our Bell Let's Talk image
Bell will donate 5¢ more to help fund mental health initiatives across Canada.

So as a Bell Customer, and someone who suffers from mental illness, I'm doing my part.

In the Spring of 2010, I started medication for mild-moderate depression.  I had studied psychology at school,  I knew what depression was.  But, as said with so many different topics, it's SO different when it's you.  Life just gets overwhelming sometimes, and that's no one's fault.  Due to a chemical imbalance, some people have a harder time dealing with that.  It's nothing that can be controlled by the sufferer.  You can't expect a diabetic to not take medication, just as someone who suffers from mental illness needs them to balance things out.

When I started the medication, I decided that I needed to tell my staff.  I was a manager at work and had many staff working for me, and I needed to be honest with them.  I told my district manager who knew what I was going through.  Along with many of my staff members.  I was shocked that so many others had been through what I was going through.  And honestly, it made it all so much easier.  Not only to have them be a tad more flexible to my daily emotions, but also to offer support.

And that's what 'Let's Talk' Day is all about.  The only thing harder than going through mental illness is going through it alone.  So don't.  Let's talk about it!

Head to my facebook page and share the Bell image.  Or tweet using #BellLetsTalk.  Or if you're a Bell customer, text all day long, and make some long distance calls!  Connect with some friends!  Let's talk!

Monday, February 4, 2013

I just need the accountability

Well, I haven't posted in a bit.  And my house shows it.

I have no idea why my cleaning habits seem to correlate to how often I post on the blog, but I'm using this Monday to get myself back on track.  Especially since the hubby is home sick today so I can have {some} help with the kids.

I've also noticed that for the most part, I'm pretty good at getting the daily and weekly stuff done, but I haven't ventured into the monthly stuff.  So this week, I'm going to just focus on the normal tasks and hopefully I can start adding the bigger stuff soon.

One plan is to get up earlier.  I was up at 4am this morning to go line up for kindergarten registration, so hopefully I can start getting up before the kids, at around 6am and get a head start.  I'll see how it works!