Monday, March 11, 2013

Big changes in the {not so} clean house

We had a big and exciting change around here.  Two weeks ago, I started a new full time job and I love it.

What does that mean for the blog?  Well, as a working mom, I'll be focusing on that more, but not much should change.

What have I found so far?  Well, in a way, it's easier to keep the house clean.  I mean if there's no one here all day, there's no one to mess it all up.  But at the same time, we still have the same amount of laundry, dishes, etc but no one here all day to do it.  So I've had to manage my time better, which is NOT one of my strengths at home.

Ah well, we'll figure it out.  And if I don't, you'll get to read all about it!