Monday, March 7, 2011

Change of plans and a productive day

After a few days of back and forth, we had enough and decided to move in last weekend. We rented a truck on Saturday and K and my dad moved the last of our big stuff and most of the remaining small stuff. They also went to IKEA and bought the new kitchen table, M's new bed and the new dresser. The last few days have been somewhat unorganized but today is Monday and I needed a fresh, clean start. New week, new house, I might as well TRY to follow my new organization plan, right? So with my daily and weekly list on my fridge, I got out of bed and got to it. In between my online time, M and I powered through.
8 things to do everyday:
1. Make the beds -DONE
2. Manage clutter- took a few time outs, but M cleaned up her playroom
3. Sort the mail-we took a quick walk to the mailbox before lunch and there was no mail yet
4. Clean as you cook -DONE
5. Wipe up spills while they're fresh -DONE
6. Sweep the kitchen floor -we don't have a broom here yet, so nope
7. Do one entire load of laundry -clean laundry is in the basket and I'll fold it while M is sleeping
8. Run the dishwasher -not done, we haven't used the dishwasher here yet, but there are NO dirty dishes in the sink.

Not bad, especially for me. We also vacuumed the living room, put away a few kitchen and bathroom boxes, broke down all the empty boxes and consolidated them. And I have time to relax this afternoon before work. Pretty good for a not so clean mommy.