Monday, September 5, 2011

Back to School

School starts tomorrow. My baby is starting preschool tomorrow. It's only for an hour but she is. What a better time of year to get back into the groove of keeping clean? I'm all ready for tomorrow. Diaper laundry is in the wash. The rest of the laundry, what feels like 50 loads, has been folded and put away. The blog is getting a new look. That's right, it is!!

Now my newest way to waste time on the internet.....hey, if I spent half as much time cleaning as I did surfing the web, my house would be immaculate...I've fallen in love with Pinterest. It's like a photo sharing website. You set up photo boards, say recipes, and then you search for whatever you want. Say Nutella Panini. When you find a picture that is mouthwatering gorgeous, linked to a website, you pin it. Then you have a board, with all your recipes saved in one place. This is fantastic for say 'girls room decor' or 'playroom organization'. Let's just say that my house is going to be gorgeous this Christmas!

So to everyone with little ones starting preschool or kindergarten. Or big kids starting high school or even college or university. Good luck tomorrow. And happy Back to School!

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