Friday, August 26, 2011

The Power of the Sun: Product Review

To someone who uses cloth diapers, stains are a big deal. Not only do you want your diapers to stay cute and adorable, but you want to be able to sell them for as close to what you paid for them as you can. So you want to keep stains away as best as you can. I've tried soaking in OxyClean and while it does work, it can take a long time. Another reason why someone would use cloth diapers is to be as nice to the environment as possible. So I've found a stain remover that doesn't hurt anyone at all, AND makes taking stains out of diapers super easy, which is something a cloth diaperer is always looking for. It's THE SUN!

Lately, we've had fantastic weather up here and I really want to reduce my OxyClean use as much as possible, even though I really love the stuff. So when I have diapers with stains, I've been sticking them on the patio. And I'm not even kidding, when I'm checking them, all stains are gone within a few minutes. The diaper is still soaking wet but the horrible yellow spots have vanished. It is really amazing. Sometimes I hope that there are a few horrible stains just so I can keep checking out this new stain remover and it never lets me down. Sometimes it isn't even that bright outside, or it's partially cloudy, but it still takes the stains out.

So, as someone who wants to reduce my impact on the environment (and my hydro bill) I'll just leave the diapers out there to dry completely and skip using the dryer. And yes, I do love my brand new, energy efficient, jumbo dryer, but who doesn't love some time in the sun? After being stuck on a baby bum containing all messes thrown at them, it's the least they deserve.


  1. UV rays also help kill off any bacteria/microbes that may be lingering after a wash ;).

  2. Lol. I like that the sun is you new product. It really does work well. Even in the window in winter.