Thursday, November 29, 2012

Scentsy Review

I had heard about Scentsy and agreed with the idea, but didn't want to invest the money into something I wasn't sure about.  Enter a good friend of mine, Brittany Nicks, to the rescue!  She graciously sent me a warmer and some scented wax to review.  I showed the system to my husband at a home fair we went to this past summer and he was on board so I decided to try it out!  And we love it!

Scentsy is a wickless scented candle system that safely, without a wick, or a flame, will fill your house with amazing non-toxic scents.

A wickless candle is a highly fragrant wax bar that is warmed to release fragrance into the air. Because the wax is gently warmed rather than burned, it can hold more fragrance oil than a traditional candle. And, because there is no flame, there is no smoke, soot, or lead. Scentsy wickless candles are a safer alternative to traditional candles.
Scentsy’s beautiful warmers house a low-watt light bulb that slowly melts the Scentsy candle bar, filling your home with one of more than 80 distinctive and long-lasting scents.The combination of a Scentsy warmer with a Scentsy Bar is known as a Scentsy System. 

Upon receiving my Scentsy package, the first thing I did was test out the scents that she sent with them.     And they were divine!  Then I had to decide which one to try out first.  We decided on Lemon and Berries.  So we found a spot in our upstairs living area, plugged in the warmer, added the wax and turned it on.
Warmer plugged in with wax
They offer many different sizes and styles of warmer to match your home decor, or the season.  They also offer smaller plug in warmers, which I have invested in for our main bathroom.  With the litter box and the cloth diaper bin, that room didn't smell like sunshine and roses.

The wax is hot once melted, but the warmer can be placed away from where little hands can reach it, so it isn't a safety hazard.  The bases are very sturdy so I would never worry about it spilling.  And with no flame, there is no fire hazard.

Cleaned out warmer

Changing the scent is really simple.  I just warm up what is in the warmer, then remove the top disk, use a folded up paper towel to soak it up, and then use a fresh paper towel to remove the rest of the wax.  And it helps my garbage smell nice, while the paper towels are in there!

With new wax
The holidays are a great time of year to invest in new home decor, and with some adorable Christmas themed warmers and delicious seasonal scents, how can you resist?  Visit Brittany Nicks' US Scentsy page to place your order today.  Scentsy will even ship directly to your house.  For my Canadian readers, I also have a local friend, who is also named Brittany, and you can order from her Canadian Scentsy website or visit her Scentsy Facebook Page.

So please, join me this holiday season and fill your house with delicious new scents.


Bathroom plug in warmer

Plug in with wax

Turned on with wax-it's a night light too!

Edited to add:  Do you have a favorite Scentsy scent?  Add a comment letting me know what it is.  My favorite so far is Amalfi Coast because of the slight grapefruit smell, but I'd love to get some Holiday and other scents to add to my collection so let me know which ones you love.


  1. I am in love with Hazelnut Latte, Peppermint Dreams, and Black Ruby!!!!

  2. oh god, all of them!! pixie is amazing, as is perfectly pomegrante. i have blueberry cheesecake in my kitchen right now - divine!! and Kahiko Hula in my bathroom right now.

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