Thursday, May 19, 2011

Making the worst jobs easier

My least favorite job is by far folding and putting away laundry. Even though I can do it in front of the tv, I still hate doing it. So I found a way to make it not as time consuming or daunting. I bring an empty laundry basket downstairs to the dryer and I fold the laundry as I put it into the basket. It makes taking it out of the dryer take a bit longer but when I come upstairs, it's in the basket folded and just needs to be put away. Then I can watch tv and NOT have to fold laundry at the same time.

Another secret I use is NOT fast forwarding through commercials on my recorded shows. I know, that's the point of having them recorded, but this way, I can enjoy my show AND get housework done. Most of the time it's dishes that I do, or simple tidying up the house. But the job doesn't seem as much like a job since really, I'm just watching tv.

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