Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

It's only a day late, no biggie, right?

First of all I hope all the fantastic Mother's reading this had a great day. And if they didn't, there's a reason why Mother's Day comes before Father's Day. HAHA.

My day was fantastic! Started out with kisses from my adorable daughter and a gift card for a manicure from my favourite spa. My mom and I have pedicures scheduled there next week so I'm going to add manicures to the appointment. Then I made breakfast. K made us bacon and eggs on Saturday morning so I treated us to crepes with strawberries for Mother's day. M ate three whole crepes. Then I made a point of doing nothing all day to get ready for our barbeque dinner. K vacuumed and tidied up the house before the family all showed up. And dinner went fabulously. My parents, both brothers and their girlfriends all came, along with Grandma who ventured upstairs to join us for burgers. I even made my dad cut the tomatoes, and he had apparently never done so before. I also made my youngest brother help K clean up afterwards.

And, this 8 month pregnant mama finished her day by going to bed early. Early meaning 9pm. And I slept...well, alright for being 8 months pregnant.

Thank you to everyone who wished me a great day, I hope you all got to enjoy the same!


  1. I'm glad you had a great Mothers day! I remember the days when I was so pregnant with our youngest child, no small feat to do all a mom has to do and be so hugely pregnant as well. I use to laugh whenever the doctor would say that I needed to take it easy!! Lol! I'm so glad you found my blog so I could find you! I'm a happy new follower looking foward to sharing your journey as you expand your family! Take care!

  2. I'm so glad that you had such a wonderful day! Hope this week is awesome too.

    Following you :-)
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