Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Last Minute Christmas Preparation Dance

Anyone want to dance with me?

We are now one week until Christmas and I'm not nearly as ready as I had hoped to be.  Not only do I still have work to do, I also have some last minute shopping to do and then the house cleaning to START!  YIKES!

Last year, after Christmas, I bought a binder, and created sections, to help me plan my holidays ahead of time.  I bought a folder to store cash, with which I could buy Christmas gifts, food, decorations, etc.  I created a budget ahead of time and made notes.   And take a guess how much money was in there?  Yup-NONE!  I didn't use the system AT ALL!

Pinterest also had a ton of ideas, including week by week cleaning schedules, starting in October!  You can bet I pinned them.  Did I refer to them?  Yup, maybe once or twice.  Did I use them?  NOPE!

So why am I such a good planner-on paper-but struggle at getting it all done.  For some reason, I can figure it all out but I can't execute my plan.  Now I have 5 days to get everything done.  It'll get done, but it won't be easy.  Is it just that I work better under pressure?  Will next year be any different?  Probably not.

So here's how I'm going to get it all done: Tell you guys about it!  Lucky!!!

Today's plan:
1. Finish up the last of my orders.  There isn't much left to do, I promise.  And they're all local, and I've scheduled drop off/pick up with all of them so if they aren't already done (which most are, I PROMISE) they will be on time!
2. Finish up crafts with the kids
3. Bake something (brownies, cookies, rice crispie squares, SOMETHING)
4. Clean up living and dining rooms-meaning ALL work and kid related stuff is out, and it's vacuumed, dusted and cleaned up.

Check in tomorrow to see if I got it all done, and what's on the list for tomorrow.

Are you ready for Christmas?  What are you getting done today?  I can help hold you to it!!


  1. I think we are as ready as we are going to get. Just enjoying the kids Christmas Concerts today and tomorrow. I have to wrap the present before the kids are out for their holidays. Hold me to it!

    1. I will Shannon! If I'm going to get to my list, I'd better get off the couch!

  2. snow day again today, so nothing done yet, oh wait a load of dishes has been done! STILL need to find time to go finish stocking stuffer shopping, i work the next 3 days so it will have to get finished sunday if i don't just grab stuff from work

  3. Don't forget number 5. on your list there - breathe in and out, find a moment to put your feet up and relax and then tackle numbers 1 to 4 at a much slower pace - enjoy the season and take care!

    1. Thanks Heather! It's easy to forget to do that when we're so busy!

  4. I am in complete holiday readiness, nothing left to wrap, bake,or decorate. I am done!
    .... You didn't believe that did you?!?
    It isn't the holidays unless i am a bit flustered, I choose to believe it gives me flattering colour in my cheeks!
    Happy Holidays!

    1. That's a good way to look at it.

      My living room is ALMOST tidied up. Just a few more toys to move out. And my work stuff of course!