Saturday, December 10, 2011

Cleaning up my blog

That's right, I now have a new blog design. I love it. Courtesy of a follow blogging mommy who says she doesn't need to be credited. But thank you, Super Blogger Mommy. Those of you who have your own blogs, feel free to steal my button. I hope you all love my new design!

And now a confession. I've been looking at the 21 day challenge but haven't been doing them. But in my defense, the items so far on the list are not items in my house that need to be organized. The toys I did a few months ago, the linen closet I did a few weeks ago, the pantry gets organized at almost every grocery shop. So I think my house is pretty organized. Even when I went downstairs to do my computer desk, it was really organized already. I'm slightly dreading the bathroom cupboards. Ah well, it needs to be done, right?

So YAY for a house that might be untidy, but is more organized than originally thought, and YAY for a new blog design. Things are looking good in the (not so) clean world.

1 comment:

  1. Like the new blog look. I grabbed your button and put it onto my Blogs I Read page. Feel free to stop by and grab mine.

    ~ Chavon