Sunday, November 20, 2011

I'm not meant to have two bathrooms

In case you don't want to search through here to find my horrible bathroom time line, I'll recap it here:
July 2005-we buy a townhouse with potential water damage in both bathrooms. We go ahead with the purchase, saving extra money from the mortgage for the wedding and upcoming renovations.
July 2006-we get married and spend more than expected on the wedding.
March 2009-K tears down shower in our ensuite to find no mold behind the walls. YAY!
Winter 2009-K plans on cashing out vacation time to fund the bathroom renovation
January 2010-K dislocates his shoulder at work and ends up on workers compensation for an entire year.
December 2010-we purchase new house and decide, well, we have to do the reno now, so we hire a contractor to finish the job
January 2011-Bathroom reno in townhouse is done, potential water damage found in ensuite at the new house, we book our contractor to do the work before we move in.
February 2011-we take possession of the new house and have the water damage fixed in the new house.

SO you'd think that we were done with bathroom renovations, right?


K saw that the popcorn on the ceiling above our shower was cracking, so he decided to pull it down before we paint the bathroom walls. That resulted in needing to putty and sand the ceiling before painting it. That is almost done, but the ensuite is completely covered in dust right now. Hopefully before M's birthday party next week, we can have the ceiling done and the walls painted.

BUT, I've learned that there IS a silver lining in only having one operating bathroom. Only one bathroom to clean.

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