Friday, November 18, 2011

Baskets-oh what fun I could have!

My new best friends are baskets and bins. My Mother in Law bought a bunch of containers to organize the garage. And I needed to organize the playroom, so I grabbed some of the empty ones and put trains in one, play house stuff in another and small toys in the third. I also put balls in one giant container and dress up stuff in another one and put those in my walk in closet. Now all the toys are relatively organized. So I took that idea and spread it around the house. I also have a container in my walk in for gifts, a big basket with M's birthday presents, and my fabrics, ribbons and notions in the sewing room are also organized in containers. I'm sure over the next few months, the rest of my house will be organized into more baskets and boxes as I find some cute decorative ones that match how I want to finish decorating the house.

The best part of this is when the playroom needs to be cleaned up, everything gets thrown into it's correct bin. So all I need to do is create bins for everything in our house to keep it all organized. I've given myself one year to completely move into the house and have it set up the way I want and we have a few months left, so I'm sure we can get it done on time!

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