Sunday, July 10, 2011

Harder than I thought

So this whole two kids thing is apparently a lot harder than I thought it would be. Baby K is just now, at almost a month old, getting used to being put down. He's in the swing right now, but only started tolerating that a few days ago. Most of the time, he sleeps on me, which makes it hard to get things done. So I came up with a plan and so far it's working alright. Every time he falls asleep, I put him down, either in his crib or the playpen. Slowly, but surely, he's getting used to not sleeping on us. Although he does sleep best on my chest. This gives me a few minutes every day to get some things done. So far I've mastered dishes, laundry and feeding M and myself. And some days, I'll bust out the windex and clean windows, and on paydays, I've still been keeping up with the bills. Last week, I ventured out and took both kids to the waterpark, where we met a friend who has two little girls who are each a few months older than mine. It was an adventure, but we had a blast and I'm glad I did. I might not be supermom, my house might not be immaculate, but at least I can take the kids out to have a good time. That's what childhood memories are made of, not how clean the house is, even though that's important too.

I know I said that I'd get back to work two weeks ago, but I'll admit that I haven't. This week, though, I really am. Tomorrow, Monday, is bathroom day, but I'm going to do that today. That way, I'll be a day ahead of myself all week, so if I have a rough day, that's ok. Plus, since I haven't been doing a great job at keeping up with my weekly tasks, I'll probably need to spend a bit more time than I normally would to get them done properly, at least for this week.

So let me reiterate my advice to all moms. Don't be too hard on yourself. You will get it all done, it'll just take time to figure out a good system. And even though my system worked when I had one kid, it might need some tweaking now that I have two.


  1. I know exactly how you feel. I have a 6 week old,7 weeks on tuesday and an almost 17 month old. My house is a complete disaster, luckily both kids naps seem to over lap for about an hour, so I get a bit of time for doing things, mostly to feed myself or shower. My hubs and I always say we will never look back and think oh our house wasn't clean, its much more important to play with our kids cause thats what we will remember!!

  2. It really is a constant balancing act and even now that my kids are older, 6,9,&12, I still don't get everything done because something always comes up, someone gets sick, something needs to be done now, ect. I always priortize my life with the life and death needs first, the laundry will always be there!!! Juggling two was such a huge change for me too, much harder than three. Good for you going to the waterpart!!! Have a great week!

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