Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sick and cleaning are not friends

After a very busy weekend, M and I are sick, and K is starting to get a runny nose. So today, my first real day back at it, I kind of slacked off. We didn't have much laundry to do because we had done a bunch over the weekend, so that wasn't a big deal. I didn't touch the dishes, but K did them after dinner. Eating leftovers, though, doesn't make a lot of dishes so there wasn't much to do. I did clean the shower, that needed to get done, but other than that, taking a day or two off as sick doesn't put me very far behind.

We had family over on Friday. My grandparents were in town for Easter and I took advantage of that to also invite my aunt and uncle over for lunch since they hadn't seen the new house yet. So I asked K to vacuum (it's starting to get hard to do with this growing belly) and I tidied up the rest of the house. But since I have been impressing myself with following my schedule, there wasn't much to do to get ready for the company. They all took M for a walk after lunch and K and I did the dishes while they were all gone. My grandma said 'we should go wash the dishes' when they get back and I surprised her with 'oh they're already done!'. They we had K's great aunt and uncle over yesterday (Monday) and again, it was super easy to tidy up for that.

I'm finding that this whole cleaning thing is just one big cycle. I LOVE having a clean house. And I know that if I slack off and let it get really bad, it'll be so hard to clean, so when I see clutter, I tidy it up right away. Which makes the house cleaner, and which also makes it easier to really clean up when I have bigger chores to do. All that makes me so proud of myself, that I can keep a house clean, that I can do a good job at it, and that makes me feel better about being a stay at home mom. I also get lots of time for baths or naps, or errands, or just for puzzles or walks to the park, so I'm not cleaning ALL.DAY.LONG. But I still have a somewhat immaculate house, or as immaculate as it can be for a pregnant mom of a toddler.

Ok, I gotta go, I think the Canucks just got a penalty shot in game 7. And I added a button for my friend's blog. She's started doing some giveaways so pop over there and follow her and enter the giveaways!

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