Friday, February 25, 2011

Caught in limbo

Right now, my house is caught somewhere in between clean and organized and untidy. I did vacuum the other day and cleaned the bathrooms yesterday. I washed most of the dishes last night and most of our stuff is in it's place. But we get the new house tomorrow and that begins three weeks of moving in/out. We've taken out all the clothes that we'll need for the in between stage but since we're going to move most of our big stuff tomorrow, including our dressers, we can't have EVERYTHING put away. I've decided to be ok with this house like this. It's only for three weeks, if that since we'll be moving everything over to the new house starting tomorrow. I'm going in armed with Green Works multipurpose spray to clean out the kitchen, bathroom, everything I can so that once all our linens, dishes, etc, get moved in, everything else is clean for them! I'm going to figure out which cupboard I want used for which dishes and I'm going to label them all. Honestly, I wish we could skip this step and wake up in the new house and have everything clean and organized and ready to go, but we can't so I have to figure out the best system that will work for us. It will all be worth it when it's done!

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