Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Almost unrecognizable

Me, that is. Today was a great day. I still got to be myself (lazy mom) but got everything done! Who am I?? I knew my work pants needed to be washed so I threw in a small load this morning. A few pairs of pants and some towels. I lazed around on my message boards while my sick two year old daughter, M, watched TV. Then I got dressed, got her dressed and we went to the doctor. No antibiotics needed, just a virus, should get better on its own. After the appointment, we went to the local bakery and got some buns, turkey and a giant happy face cookie. We came home had some lunch (that was a fight since a little girl just wanted to eat her cookie), then someone got to have a few bites of her cookie because she ate her meat and her carrots. While she slept (I got almost a full two hours today!) I hopped back online and turned on some Friends. Man I love old school TV. Instead of fast forwarding through the commercials, though, I moved the wash into the dryer, did the lunch and breakfast dishes, made the bed and tidied up the house. I even phoned hydro and set up the new house on the account for our move in/move out dates. Got myself dressed for work just in time for someone to wake up to a sippie cup of milk and the rest of her cookie. This all happened just as K walked in the door from work. I even had a few minutes to type this out before heading off to work (3-midnight shift today). Laundry? Dishes? Tidying up the house? MADE THE BED? And all in one day? WHO AM I?!??!

A few other good (clean) news! Our house is sold! Well it's under contract, we'll know for sure next Monday as long as the inspection, which is Thursday, goes well. So we officially have to be moved out by March 19th (and we're going to recruit some of you local readers to help!). I picked out the washer/dryer combo that I want for the new house, since the ones there now are OLD and gross. The new set should work for cloth diapering, which I want to do with the new baby. There's a VIP sale at Future Shop on Thursday and as long as the price is right, we'll pay for them and schedule them to be delivered the day after we get possession. Then, as I mentioned above, I phoned hydro and they'll add the new house to our account on possession day, February 24th, and they'll remove the townhouse on March 19th. I just have to phone Shaw (TV, phone and internet) and Terasen (gas) to have those accounts do the same. We have to set up internet at the new house since K's mom will need it right away. And we won't have any lapse in service, either!

Ok, time for me to head off to work. Seriously, we've been out of bed for like not even 7 hours and I can't believe I got all that done. Now to keep the trend up!

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