Monday, October 3, 2011

The Ever-Elusive To Do List

On top of my weekly and daily items that I try to get done regularly, I have a monthly to-do list. Things like organize baby K's clothes, organize the cupboards in the master bath, arrange a quote for new blinds (SO excited about this) etc. I find that I'll do two or three things each month as time allows and leave the rest to roll over into the next month. At the end of each month, as I wipe the white board clean and re-write the list for the next month, I wonder why I didn't just do it all. I mean I watch enough TV throughout the month that I should be able to get it all done.

So here's my theory. I'm such a procrastinator (old habits die hard) that I'm afraid of what will happen when the to do list is all done. What is life like when there's no laundry waiting to be folded, or washed, or no junk pile on my desk waiting to be filed. I'm sure it's not that scary on the other side, but I'm still afraid of finding out. The funniest part is that as a mom, the to do list is really never done. Maybe having big things on my list is all the motivation I need to get the smaller things done regularly. Maybe if I have nothing on my big to do list, I'll slack off and fall behind on my regular stuff, so I wait until I can add something else to the big list before I complete something that's been on there for months.

Either way, things are getting done. The laundry just finished, M just woke up from her nap and the new blinds and bug screens should be here in 2-3 weeks. YAY!!!

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